Nuform is a non-profit organisation founded back in 2005 in Košice, Slovakia. Since then it delivered many top artists and new talents to party audience in Eastern Slovakia.

NUFORM DJ SESSION (monthly residence @JazzCafé)
NUFORM festival 2011
NUFORM festival 2010
NUFORM festival 2009
NUFORM2009 : warm-up !
NUFORM festival 2007

Guy J /Tel Aviv/, Infragandhi /Budapest/, Michal Breeth /Bratislava/, Gramophonedzie /Belgrade/, Instra:mental /London/, Sunchase /Kiev/, Drumagick /Sao Paolo/, Beatspoke /Barcelona/, Eddy Meets Yannah /Zagreb/, 60 Minits of Funk /Vienna/, Poop /Budapest/, Pat Heart /Prague/, Fred Spider /Lyon/, Foolcut /Bratislava/, Lyxx /Bratislava, Drumotik /Kosice/, Break!fast /Presov/, BKK Trio /Bratislava/, Vata /Kosice/, Nuvelacijja /Kosice/, Dead Janitor /Kosice/, Teapot /Presov/, Vargas /Kosice/, Electrosound system /Kosice/,…



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