This Friday Pool party @Beach Club Košice

Playing Pool Party this Friday August 24th at Beach Club in Kosice together with Junior Jan from Prague and Kosice house music crew. Looking forward to mix some quality house and electronic music. Who’s coming…?  🙂

Kvalitná housová a elektronická muzička a Pool party už tento piatok 27. augusta v Beach Club Košice spolu s Junior Jan z Prahy, Ri Za, Oliverom a Spottym. Štart už o 13:00.  S kým sa vidíme…? 🙂

 Pool Stage / Vonkajší stage
13:00 -> 17:00 surprise
17:00 -> 18:30 Marko Mazág
18:30 -> 20:00 Ri Za (Just Hear Audio)
20:00 -> 22:00 Kamil Sagan (Nuform DJs)

Indoor Stage / Vnútorný stage
21:30 -> 23:00 Pavel Spotty (Dance Now Radio)
23:00 -> 00:30 Junior Jan (Prague CZ)
00:30 -> 02:00 Borra (Novi Sad SRB)
02:00 -> 0?:00 Oliver Egry ( Rare Deep )


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